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A Letter from me!

A little about me...I started coding and blogging in public in 2022, just for fun!

Since then, I have shipped many side projects to learn the ropes and grow my skills.

There are three key principles that have helped me make it happen:

  1. Teach to Learn: Writing my newsletter at Build for Fun has forced me to break down complex topics.
  2. Share the Ups and Downs: I believe in being transparent about my challenges, not just my victories.
  3. Help Others: I give away knowledge freely to help people reach their goals.

Five months ago, I was just another developer with a dream.

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  • JavaScript boilerplate
  • SEO & Blog
  • Bravo emails
  • Stripe payments
  • MongoDB / Supabase
  • Google Oauth & Magic Links
  • Components & animations
  • ChatGPT prompts for terms & privacy
  • Discord community
  • Lifetime updates
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get exactly?

You'll receive a comprehensive NextJS boilerplate code that includes essential features such as SEO, blog functionality, email integration with Mailgun, payment processing with Stripe, database integration with MongoDB or Supabase, authentication with Google OAuth and Magic Links, reusable components and animations, and more. Plus, you'll get access to our supportive Discord community and lifetime updates.

JavaScript or TypeScript?

Blitzzz supports both JavaScript and TypeScript, giving you the flexibility to choose the language you prefer. The boilerplate code is written in a way that accommodates both options seamlessly.

/app router or /pages router?

Blitzzz utilizes the /pages router by default, as it provides a simple and intuitive way to structure your application. However, if you prefer the /app router introduced in Next.js 13, you can easily adapt the boilerplate to work with it.

My tech stack is different, can I still use Blitzzz?

Absolutely! While Blitzzz comes with a pre-configured tech stack, it's designed to be flexible and adaptable. You can easily modify or replace components to fit your specific requirements. The modular architecture allows you to integrate your preferred technologies seamlessly.

Is Blitzzz a website template?

No, Blitzzz is not a website template. It's a comprehensive boilerplate code that provides a solid foundation for building various types of web applications, such as SaaS platforms, AI tools, and more. It includes essential features and best practices to kickstart your development process.

How is Blitzzz better than other boilerplates?

Blitzzz stands out by offering a carefully curated set of features and integrations that are commonly required in modern web applications. It saves you time and effort by providing a well-structured codebase, optimized for performance and scalability. Additionally, Blitzzz comes with extensive documentation, a supportive community, and regular updates to keep up with the latest industry trends.

Are there any other costs associated with using Blitzzz?

The price you pay for Blitzzz includes access to the complete boilerplate code and all its features. However, keep in mind that you may incur additional costs based on your usage of third-party services, such as hosting, database storage, payment processing, and email delivery. These costs will depend on your specific requirements and the scale of your application.

How often is Blitzzz updated?

We are committed to keeping Blitzzz up to date with the latest versions of Next.js, React, and other dependencies. We regularly release updates that include bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features. You can expect frequent updates to ensure you have access to the most recent and stable version of the boilerplate.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with Blitzzz?

No, you buy Blitzzz only once, so you keep it for life. Most users are able to ship a website in 7 days or less.

Can I use Blitzzz for client projects?

Absolutely! Blitzzz is licensed for both personal and commercial use. You can utilize the boilerplate code to build applications for your clients or include it as part of your professional projects. The license allows you to use Blitzzz for multiple projects without any additional fees.

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